Here you'll find a collection of stupid crap I do in my spare time. I try to maintain a healthy array of ridiculous hobbies including: 3D printing, drones, video games, and buidling stuff.


3D Prints

Interlocking Snap Tube

Snap individual units together to form a posable-yet-firm tube of any length. Also includes a screw-mouting piece as well as a GoPro mount for the end.

FJ Cruiser Power Outlet Cover

Broke the OEM outlet cover. Designed a cooler replacement.

Moken (Kayak) Transducer Scupper Mount

Combined with a 5/6" galvanized nut and bolt these prints let you mount a fish finder transducer in your scupper holes. It was made for a Moken 12.5 but can be fit to other kayaks with little work. Check out the full installation article here.

Lowrance FishFinder Rail Mount

Mount a Lowrance fish finder directly to any rail system. This fishfinder mount and the transducer mount above were custom made for my Mark-4 CHIRP installation. Check out the full installation article here.

GoPro Strap Mounts and Snap Buckle

These simple strap mounts are great for attaching your GoPro to your helmet, leg, backpack, anything you can slip a strap around. There both version that take a standard snap mount as well as direct-mount. There's also a printable snap-mount here.

GoPro Taught Strap Mount

This mount is used for when you want to attach you gopro to a strap that does not disconnect from either end. In my case, I wanted to mount it on my hiking backpack but the shoulder straps are sewn to the padding.

Folger Tech Prusa i3 Z-Motor Mount Standoffs

This is a remix of a Z motor-mount standoff for the Folger Tech Prusa i3 2020 kit. This standoff will elevate your motors a couple inches, still within the range of the factory-standard threaded rods. In addition you can toss in a bearing to stabilize and smooth rod rotation - although I've not seen much benefit from that.


Hammers and Nails

Kayak FishFinder Install

Drilling holes in a $900 boat is scary... but I did it anyway.

MAME Arcade Cabinet

Scratch-built custom MAME cabinet built with the help of many folks over at the Arcade Controls forum.