I've been an IT professional for 17 years and a technical lead for 12 of those. I've worked in companies of all sizes from start-ups to multi-national banks. I've written production software in at least 8 languages against at least 4 RDBMSes. I've driven database performance, infrastructure and security, and high availability cloud-based projects. When it comes to technology, there's not a lot I haven't seen.




16 years of experience in multiple facets of information technology • Tenacious leader known for solving complex problems accurately, quickly, and completely • Wide breadth of technical knowledge spanning software development, application architecture, data design, project management, and infrastructure design


Citi, Jacksonville September 2014 - Present
Technical Operations Lead, ThankYou and Global Rewards

  • Drove department restructuring efforts defining individual roles and responsibilities and performance metrics; reduced day-to-day ticket handling time by 37% on average
  • Developed library of Cognos reports to: integrate service ticket data with partner systems, provide an overview and trending of issues to business, track ticket SLA achievement
  • Coordinated Citi technical implementation of ThankYou data center move including: firewall and proxy changes, file transfer configuration, and dedicated circuit installation
  • SPOC for cloud (AWS) implementation and Amazon integration including: architectural and change reviews, contract and SLA compliance, project planning and execution
  • Application Manager and Support Manager for multiple business managed technologies; responsible for security reviews and vulnerability remediation, oversight of platform changes, data quality and categorization

US Bank, St. Louis MO January 2010 - September 2014
Retail Mortgage Originations Technical Lead

  • Led development and support of retail loan origination system
    Application Details: - ~20 internal and external developers, ~4000 total users, ~1.2m total loans, ~1TB data size, ~200b total loan value, ~30 ETL packages connecting bank systems and external vendors
  • SME and development coordinator on all LOS projects including securing resources, establishing schedule, reviewing requirements, inspecting application, data, and infrastructure design, identifying and resolving issues, and ensuring code and security standards were met
  • Produced and maintained strategic roadmap for loan origination system detailing departmental five-year project, capacity, and infrastructure outlook
  • Founded mortgage technology ‘Centers of Excellence’; a 4 branch (SQL/DM, UX, C#/.NET, Infrastructure) inter-team program designed to unify best-in-field resources with the purpose of determining best practices, interview procedures, and opportunities for resource and knowledge sharing
  • Developed Test Environment Refresh Process; a combination of SQL and .NET applications to backup, prune, scrub, update, and restore prod data into a target test environments
  • Performed application design and code reviews for all SSIS Packages, major code changes, and non-BAU SQL updates; personally wrote most large data updates and migration packages
  • Drove performance remediation efforts including: data indexing, organization, and schema optimizations, application architecture and configuration changes, and network upgrades resulting in ~600% improvement in longest running operations
  • SME for major data projects:
    Environment Upgrade- Drove upgrade of ~30 packages from BIDS 2005 to BIDS 2012 and NetOx v3 to v4
    Quantitative Risk Management ELT packages- loan grouping, analysis, shipping, and selling
    Loan Selector Queries - library of specialized SQL statements designed to select loans according to a security hierarchy and customizable loan parameters
    IVR/IC Integrations - Real time and ETL-based data sharing services
    Price Adjustment Tool - Major data migration to support flexible pricing
  • Consistent Top Performer
    Received highest rating ever awarded to a member of the LOS development group
    "There has not been a challenge given to him that he has not met head on with success."

Mike Randle Consulting, LLC, St. Louis MO January 2008 - January 2010
Indepdendent IT Consultant

  • Provided development support, project management, and process consulting to clients
  • Representative projects
    • Post implementation ERP Support and Development:
      Refactored pricing and reservation backend improving efficiency and reducing credits up to 50%
      Eliminated loophole in freight estimation systems reducing logistics budget deficiencies
    • Business Process Management Solution Realignment:
      Worked with business manager to determine requirements, priority, and testing of new features
      Designed itemized expense, invoice, and PO system and transformed existing free-text data Implemented financial reporting and department cross-charging features
    • Test Proofing System:
      Developed client facing insurance card proofing and preview
      Automated validation of printing rules to ensure production-run card rules and designs are accurate
      Used by some of nation’s largest healthcare and pharmacies eg: Wellpoint, Wallgreens
    • Test Proofing System:
      Developed client facing insurance card proofing and preview
      Automated validation of printing rules to ensure production-run card rules and designs are accurate
      Used by some of nation’s largest healthcare and pharmacies eg: Wellpoint, Wallgreens
    • Marketing Asset Metabase:
      Produced project plan and design for massive marketing resource database
      Design included consumption and tagging of tens-of-thousands of art assets as well as upgrades and modifications to existing asset warehousing software
    • General Web Design and Development:
      Generated design mock-ups and final site graphical elements
      Developed and modified site functionality written in .NET, PHP, and Javascript
  • Responsible for all facets of running business including registration, billing, taxation, time management, as well as managerial and technical duties required to satisfy my clients

Tubular Steel Inc, St. Louis MO 1999 - January 2008
Technical Lead

  • Conducted performance reviews, work assignment, mentoring and task delegation for a 10 developer team
  • Led application, data, and infrastructure design and development of massive ERP implementation resulting in complete replacement of VAX-VMS (mainframe) workflow with Dynamics AX-based (Microsoft ERP) workflow
    Implementation Statistics: ~300 users in 10 locations, 4000+ orders per day, ~60gb production Database of ~3000 tables, ~2700 objects modified over 3 years by 9 fulltime developers, 2-5 consultants, dozens of functional team members
  • Designed and developed flexible weighted inventory reservation engine (X++) able to select best sellable material based on material specifications, cost, size, and location
  • Created in-house version control system for Dynamics AX (X++) to handle object locking, versioning and rollback. System was used to track and manage all application changes over course of ERP implementation
  • Developed freight pricing engine considering plant-transfer, LTL, truckload, and postal rates
  • Planned, produced, and configured infrastructure elements
    Infrastructure footprint: 3 MSSQL database servers, 9 Application servers
  • Designed and developed in-house messaging suite
    Software details:
    • Handled presentation and delivery of all email, fax, instant messages, and forms
    • Powerbuilder front end, VB, C++, Java backends, Sybase ASE database, Powerbuilder, VB6, Java APIs
    • Produced groundbreaking-at-the-time autocomplete controls, dockable windows, spellcheck
  • Developed cross platform (Windows, VAX, Linux) job scheduling and execution suite
  • Considered go-to technical resource on all Dynamics AX, C#/VB.NET, ASP.NET, Java, Powerbuilder, ASE, and MSSQL tasks and issues
  • Started as intern, left as development lead


ITIL Foundation Certified 2013

Saint Louis University, St. Louis MO 1997 - 2001
B.A in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics